TV Productions

Wire In the Blood Series One

Clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill is asked to help police track down the brutal killer of three men in Bradfield.


Wire In The Blood Series Two

Dr Tony Hill finds his work with the police compromised when a student from his university is abducted.


Wire In The Blood Series Three

Tony suspects a killer is luring unhappy children to their deaths when the bodies of three boys are found in different locations in Bradfield. Each of the victims had suffered abuse. Could the killer believe he or she is righting wrongs and alleviating suffering by ending their lives?


Wire In The Blood Series Four

An old case reopened by lawyers, catches Tony Hill out. So does the surprise news that Carol Jordan has been replaced. Combative and wily new detective Alex Fielding doesn't like Tony or his methods..


Wire in the Blood Series Five

Robson Green and Simone Lahbib are back on the trail of horrific and callous serial killers in a new series of the hard-hitting and acclaimed ITV1 drama WIRE IN THE BLOOD from Coastal Productions.

Wire in the Blood - Prayer of the Bone

Prayer of the Bone is a special episode filmed in and around Austin, Texas, USA


Wire in the Blood Series Six

Wire in the Blood Series 6


Place of Execution

 Place of Execution

‘You shall be taken to the place from whence you came, and thence to a place of lawful execution,


Rocket Man

The series follows George Stevenson’s attempts to build a rocket capable of launching 62 miles into the sky, while juggling a chaotic life as a single dad.



A hard man in a hard world, Michael has a secret. Haunted by a tormented past and childhood betrayal, when violence erupts in his home the whole family fights to stop their world from crumbling. Michael goes on the run with Jamie, his young son, and his wife, Stephanie, finds her own painful childhood history repeating itself.


Take Me

Jack and Kay Chambers are thrilled when the residents of Hadleigh Corner welcome them to their new home with open arms. But then the neighbours invite them to share their beds too…


Grafters Series One

Robson Green plays Joe Purvis, an audacious character who is always looking for something else, juggling his love life and business ventures, while Stephen Tompkinson plays his brother Trevor, who is sensitive, caring and easily led by his impulsive sibling.


Grafters Series Two

Trevor is re-building his career and his life after separating from his wife and losing contact with their son Daniel, and soon he is involved with Nick's sister, Clare, much to Joe and Nick's mutual disgust. Joe, in typically reckless fashion has started an affair with Viv, their site architect, but how will their relationship survive when she suggests that her big shot ex-husband comes to work on the project?


Unconditional Love

Pete and Lydia Gray (Robson Green and Sarah Parish) are an unexceptional couple. Until their son is kidnapped. Max's captor doesn't want money - he wants Pete and Lydia to commit a robbery.


Touching Evil Series Three

The OSC is a revolutionary, international rapid response squad of dedicated police officers, established to combat the menace of serial crime.


Me & Mrs Jones

Liam manages to gatecrash an important event to gain material for another highly critical article about the government under his pseudonym, but his encounter with the Prime Minister provides more than column inches.


Close & True

John receives a call from Steve Sheedy, his best friend from Newcastle. Steve has been charged with attempted murder and begs John to help him. John can't let his best friend down, but he has no experience of criminal law and he soon finds himself way out of his depth.


The Last Musketeer

Top fencer Steve McTear (Robson Green) is about to fulfil his dream of joining the British World Championships fencing team when he meets and spends a passionate night with Dr Elizabeth Fraser (Arkie Whiteley), the head of a girls’ school in Scotland.


Blind Ambition

Richard suddenly realises his life is still worth living during quality time with Tim in the park and he decides to run again - determined to race in the Paralympics and aided by his friend and former coach Clive. Richard and Clive begin an arduous training programme, with Clive the weaker runner, struggling all the way. Whilst running is a turning point for Richard, it isn't for Annie, who still feels completely rejected by Richard. Desperately lonely, Annie turns to Clive for comfort and they begin an affair.



Robson Green stars as ex-star footballer Michael Flynn who is thrown together with his estranged wife Julie when their teenage son Danny, who has special needs, goes missing while making his first unaccompanied train journey to London from a special college in Wales.


Wire in the Blood Series Five

Robson Green and Simone Lahbib are back on the trail of horrific and callous serial killers in a new series of the hard-hitting and acclaimed ITV1 drama WIRE IN THE BLOOD from Coastal Productions.

Robson Green plays clinical psychologist Dr Tony Hill, whose uncanny ability to see into the minds of murderers affects him deeply as he finds it difficult to distance himself from disturbing cases.

Simone Lahbib is DI Alex Fielding, who has learned to trust that Tony’s intuition can sometimes mean the key to cracking a case when physical evidence is hard to come by.

The four new, feature-length episodes see Alex and Tony join forces to hunt down the men or women responsible for a catalogue of terrifying and shocking killings.

The drama also stars Emma Handy as DC Paula McIntyre and Mark Letheren as DS Kevin Geoffries.


Episode 1: The Colour of Amber

When a young girl is abducted from a housing estate, Alex and Tony know they may only have hours to get her back alive.  While Alex launches an Amber alert – a massive public appeal – Tony builds a profile of likely suspects.  A distraught mother reports her daughter Janita as missing, but the Amber alert produces no information.  Is the abduction all it seems?

On the edge of a troublesome housing estate a woman sees a young girl being snatched by a man in a car. Alex (Simone Lahbib) and her team know their chances of finding the girl alive decrease sharply after the first hour. Only one per cent of abduction cases survive beyond a day. New ACC James Morrison (Christopher Colquhoun) reacts by calling an Amber alert, which floods the media with public pleas for information. He also pulls Tony (Robson Green) in to help with profiling likely abductors.

Episode 2: Nocebo

Black magic is the theme when Alex investigates the deaths of a teenage girl and a young boy, who bear signs of ritual killings.  The trail leads to animal sacrifices and paintings in blood.  As the investigation turns personal, Tony remains sceptical but Paula and Kevin appear to be cursed by voodoo dolls.  Then Alex and her son become the killer’s latest targets.

A teenage girl and a young boy are found dead bearing signs of what appear to be ritual killings.  Alex (Simone Lahbib) is upset by the lack of care shown by their bereaved families as she’s having problems of her own with her son Ben (Thomas Byrne).

The trail leads to links with a property tycoon who’ll stop at nothing to get the rent paid, a preacher whose “healing” activities involve animal sacrifice, and a self-styled artist whose works not only depict violence but are painted in blood.

For Tony (Robson Green) the dead bodies could be a warning and he puzzles over what the killer might want to gain and why.  Is this religion?  A curse?  A threat?  Is it one killer or two - with one suspect the acolyte of another?

Episode 3: The Names of Angels

Two career women are found raped and strangled in Bradfield wearing the clothes and identities of other victims killed years earlier in Europe.  The trail leads Tony and Alex to successful businessmen – but are they guilty or victims of identity fraud?  As he tries to unravel the deadly puzzle, Tony faces a problem of his own when 18-year-old released killer Jack turns up on his doorstep. 

Tony (Robson Green) is faced with a series of deadly puzzles when a killer rapes and strangles young female victims in Bradfield but chooses to dress and identify them as young women he killed several years before in Europe.  Why is he boasting to police about his past, leaving the bodies where they can easily be found?  And why - and how- is he choosing confident, successful victims from the world of business, and killing in Bradfield?

Episode 4: Anything You Can Do

When a vulnerable elderly woman is suffocated in her own home, Alex and Tony suspect Bernard Kelly, a security guard who has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother.  But when the killings escalate, it appears to be the work of more than one murderer.  Could the deaths be connected to the sudden return of Tony’s old hero, respected psychologist Jonathan Goode?

The murder of an elderly woman, suffocated in her own home, seems too deliberately staged to be an accident of robbery. And when Alex (Simone Lahbib) calls in Tony (Robson Green) he realises that the killer will strike again. To set a trap, Tony and Alex hold a public meeting which Tony predicts the killer will be unable to resist attending.  At the meeting, Tony’s profile of the murderer sees one member of the public stand out as prime suspect – thuggish security guard Kelly (Ian Peck), who lives with his overbearing mother and has also been seen near the scene of crime by several witnesses - including frightened local man Donovan (Ken Bradshaw).

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Main Cast

Dr Tony Hill Robson Green
DI Alex Fielding Simone Lahbib
DC Paula McIntyre Emma Handy
DS Kevin Geoffries Mark Letheren
Jonathan Goode Michael Maloney
Celeste Davies Adjoa Andoh
Janita Mestone Rahima Thomas
Lenny Mestone Gary McDonald
Mrs Garcia Montserrat Roig De Puig
Mikey Adams Liam Mower
Paul Stringer William Key
Ben Fielding Thomas Byrne
ACC James Morrison Christopher Colquhoun
Tim Eccles Jethro Skinner
Frank Donovan Ken Bradshaw
Bernard Kelly Ian Peck
DI Jimmy Lockhart Philip Brodie
Luke Harris Tim Matthews
Jack Norton Jack O'Connell
Rory Nkomo Charles Abomeli
Peter Van Cliff Patrick O'Kane
Dr Kingston Femi Elufowoju Jr
Ayesha Fiona Wade
Bernice Toyah Frantzen
Inge Karlson Rayisa Kondracki

Production Team

Executive Producer Sandra Jobling
Producer Philip Leach
Music The Insects
Writer Alan Whiting
Writer Niall Leonard
Director Peter Hoar
Director Paul Whittington
Director Richard Standeven
Based on characters created by Val McDermid
Associate Producer Will Nicholson
Script Executive Claire Hirsch